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Bedside Lamps

Experience the ultimate convenience in your bedroom with our innovative range of bedside lamps, offering Australia's largest selection of quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions designed to infuse your sleeping space with style and functionality.

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Bedside Lamps Online & In-Store

Bedside lamps can make your room shine by adding a practical, personal touch to your bedside table. These bedside table lamps can bring visual symmetry and style to the space, as well as helping to create the desired mood or add contrast to the surrounding decor. 

Bedside lamps are a functional addition to your bedroom as they can provide ambient mood lighting or the perfect task lighting for when you’re curling up with a book. With the addition of smart lighting, you’ll have even more versatility from your smart bedside lamp, allowing you to control the colour temperature, brightness, and automated schedules.z

Bedside table lamps in your favourite styles

Our bedside table lamps are available in all your favourite styles and designs - from Hamptons, to modern, to classic, to traditional, and much more - you’ll easily be able to find a lamp option that suits your home. 

When choosing a bedside lamp, make sure to pay attention to the colour and material of the lamp stand and shades to ensure it complements the rest of the décor in your bedroom.

What is the right size lamp for a bedside table?

The main purpose of bedside table lamps is to provide light for reading or for general ambient lighting in the evening and morning. This means it’s important to choose a bedside lamp that is at the right height for reading in bed while sitting up.

You also want to choose bedside lamps that are the correct scale for your bedroom and bedside table. To ensure the bedside table lamps look suitable in the room, try to make sure the lamp is around one-third of the width of your mattress.

Should a bedside lamp be higher than the headboard?

Your bedside lamps should be in balance with your bedside table and with the size of your bedhead if you have one. Ideally you don’t want your bedside lamps to be higher than one and a half times the height of your bedside table to ensure it doesn’t look too small or too large.