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Exhaust Fans

Our range of exhaust fans ensures effective steam extraction, preventing moisture buildup, mould, and odours, all while adding a touch of style and innovation to your space.
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Keep your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room well ventilated with ceiling exhaust fans that expel humid air and protect your home from mould, mildew and even structural rot.

Exhaust fans work by pulling stale moist air and odours to the outside of the room. Leaving a window open when using an exhaust fan helps fresh air to enter and maintains a circulation of healthy air.

Installing an exhaust fan

An exhaust fan in the bathroom is absolutely essential, but installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen is equally useful. While this wouldn’t replace the range hood fan, it’s a great back up for those oops moments – burnt toast and baking mishaps. Laundry rooms also benefit from ceiling exhaust fans as they help with extracting condensation from the clothes dryer.

An important thing to consider when selecting your exhaust fan is the power or air flow (measured in m3/hour). The larger your bathroom is, the more powerful your exhaust fan needs to be. Explore our wide range of ceiling exhaust fans offering a variety of air flow options to suit a variety of room sizes.

For an exhaust fan to perform at maximum efficiency, it’s vital for the volume of air being expelled by the fan to be matched by the volume of fresh air flowing into the room. It’s also important to position the exhaust fan opposite the source of in-flowing air like a window to encourage a cross-breeze to clear vapour and odours.

Choosing the best exhaust fan

There are different types of exhaust fans but the inline and ceiling-mounted fans are most popular. Inline fans have their motor installed in the cavity above your bathroom ceiling with the only visible part being the face plate. Because the motor is tucked inside your ceiling, inline fans are quieter than other options. With the Mett, you can choose from three speeds and a variety of interchangeable face plates to suit your interiors.

Ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are attached directly to your ceiling and function just like inline fans to expel moist air through ducts. But, they offer more than just ventilation. The Tempair, Thermalite and IXL Tastic ranges of ceiling-mounted fans feature three-in-1 exhaust, LED light and heat functions. We also have a wide range of two-in-one options combining just an exhaust fan and LED Light.

View our extensive range of exhaust fans in-store or online and if you need help choosing the right one, just ask us!