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Floor Lamps

Our floor lamp collection boasts an extensive selection of quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions. The pieces in this collection are designed to add style and functionality to your space, making our lamps the ideal choice for homeowners searching for elegant lighting solutions. View our Floor Lamp Buying Guide.

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Floor Lamps - Shop Online & In-Store

Floor lamps come in a variety of sizes, colours, shapes and textures giving you the freedom to get creative with how you amplify the aesthetics of your home. Because they can stand on the floor, they can be placed anywhere – next to sofas, a kitchen table, beside a bed or an entryway console table without them taking up too much space, especially in smaller sized rooms. If space is really a constraint, you can always use a desk or table lamp instead.

How to pick the perfect floor lamp

Choose a lamp style that complements the interior décor of your room, paying attention to colour scheme and furnishings. Also, consider the purpose of the floor lamp – is it only for decorative lighting or for task lighting to help you read, write or work? This will help you pick the right lighting for your space.

When designing your interior lighting, ensure that your floor lamps match the style of your home. Whether you have traditional or modern interiors, you’ll find a lamp to match. Choose from fabric shades, drum shades, exposed bulb designs, LED floor lamps, arc lamps with multiple adjustable heads and more.

In homes with an industrial theme, consider lamps with cage lights, pipes and pulleys plus metallic or concrete elements. For nature-inspired interiors, lamp stands made with wood and paired with rattan shades bring an organic appeal. Black floor lamps add drama or contrast to any style of interior.

How do I select the right floor lamp height?

Make sure it is tall enough so that the shade conceals the not-so-pretty bulb and fittings when you sit or stand near it, unless it’s a lamp with a decorative naked bulb.

To find out more, read our definitive guide on How To Choose A Floor Lamp

Where should I place my standing lamp?

Lighting not only beautifies a space but also affects our health and wellbeing, so it’s important to get it right. When it’s day, your floor lamp’s stand and shade will enhance the décor of a room and at night, it’ll provide illumination for activities or set a mood.

The best way to light a room depends on the function of the room. For a bedroom, you want relaxing and soft lighting. For a dining room, you want brighter lighting to set the mood. And for the living room, you want a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When you’re ready to create the right atmosphere and boost the liveability of your space, head into any of our stores or shop online and discover one of the largest ranges of floor lamps in Australia.