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Get professional advice on the best products and placement to match your budget and style with a personal consultation in the comfort of your own home. Learn more.

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Get the ultimate designer touch with customised lighting plans and expert insights at a personal in-studio session with one of our lighting designers. Learn more.

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Spotlights & Bar Lighting

Enhance your home's lighting with our wide range of spotlights and bar lighting. These fixtures are designed for quality and energy efficiency, providing precise control and versatility to highlight your space and style with innovation and aesthetics.

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Spotlights & Bar Lighting Australia

Elevate any room with our range of stylish spotlights and bar lights. Spotlights and LED spotlights are a simple solution to brighten up any room in a discreet design. As durable and easy-to-install fittings, spotlights can also be used for feature lighting to highlight an architectural detail or artwork in your space.

Bar spotlights are an ideal choice to brighten a larger space as they feature multiple adjustable lights for greater coverage. With track lighting and gimbal downlights, you can completely customise the lighting direction and ambience of a room. With a highly versatile range of ceiling lighting available, choose from a wide array of shapes, sizes and finishes in black, white, brass, chrome and more to complement the interiors of your home.

LED lights are also a fantastic environment-friendly alternative to traditional halogen l lights as they consume up to five times less energy and last up to 7 times longer. This helps reduce your running costs and the number of globes ending up in landfill.