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Table Lamps

Enhance your home's ambience with our table lamps. Designed to infuse your spaces with both style and functionality, the pieces in this collection are the perfect choice for those in search of elegant table lamp solutions.

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Table lamps are perfect companions to your pendants, chandeliers or floor lamps and add those much-needed layers of task and accent lighting. They also complement your décor and furnishings bringing comfort and charm to your living space.

Find the perfect table lamp at Beacon Lighting

You can find one of the largest selections of table lamps in Australia at our Beacon Lighting stores or online featuring the latest technology and trends; unique shades and bases; and fresh colours, finishes, materials and textures.

Whether your interiors are classic, modern, natural or luxe, you’ll find a lamp that fits in just perfectly. Choose from table lamps that allow you to swap shades, dimmable lamps, LED table lamps with wireless charging bases, lamps that light up both their base and shade, and ones that turn on with a touch or a wave of your hand.

What should you consider when choosing a table lamp?

There are three factors that we recommend you take into account when choosing a table lamp. These factors are:

  • The purpose of the table lamp: Is it for studying, reading, your bedside or a decorative accent? Answering this will determine whether you need a table lamp with a focused light output, or a lamp that is more ambient.

  • The style of the table lamp: Your table lamp should match the aesthetic of your space and enhance your decor. 

  • The size and type of light bulb you intend to use: Once you have chosen your table lamp, you will need to pair it with a globe that has an appropriate wattage and also colour temperature depending on your desired ambience. 

Where can a table lamp be placed?

Table lamps are versatile and can be placed just about anywhere. Most popular locations include entry way console tables, bedside tables, lounge room side tables, desks, and dressing tables.

On console tables, using a pair of matching lamps provides visual balance and design harmony. The same trick works with bedside table lamps. In lounge rooms, side table lamps help set the mood when you’re winding down in the evening or planning a movie night.

Just remember to match your lamps to the size of your table. Large table lamps work well with large tables, but they shouldn’t be so large that they don’t leave space for things like phones, glasses and your book.

Explore the latest styles

Table lamps come in a variety of shades and bases that match every interior style. Choose glass table lamps with either the base or shade made of glass for a contemporary timeless look. Or a crystal table lamp with a crystal base for a classic, luxurious look. Black table lamps are great for adding a dramatic touch or making a space feel cosy.

If you’re looking for convenience, you’ll want battery operated table lamps. They’re portable so you can take them with you from room to room, outdoors when entertaining or even on your camping trip. Battery-operated kids table lamps are perfect for kids’ bedrooms. They are safe, cute, easy to operate and make bedtime fun.

Come on over to any of our stores or browse through our website and discover an amazing range of table lamps for every room of your home.