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Track Lighting

Enhance your home's lighting with Beacon Lighting's track lighting options. These versatile solutions seamlessly integrate with your modern lifestyle for ultimate control. MFL By Masson Induction is a collection of architecturally designed customisable lighting solutions. MFL By Masson Script track lights also let you customise your lighting to suit your preferences.

If you love the minimalist look or appreciate flexibility in lighting, track lighting is for you. It’s simply a surface mounted channel that holds spotlights in place while also supplying power to them. A track is usually mounted on the ceiling, but it can also be mounted on a wall or beam. The electricity or power is usually fed to the track from the live end, but it may also be powered from anywhere along the channel with a centre feed track joiner. 

Tracks are available in several sizes, lengths and configurations. Track sections can be joined via connectors in a straight line, L-shape or T-shape or with flexible track joiners that can be bent to go around curves. By connecting, turning and angling the track, positioning spots at regular or irregular intervals and even using a mix of spotlight types, you can create your own bespoke lighting system for a spectacular result. 

  • Consider installing track lighting to highlight your favourite collection of artwork hung over your fireplace or in the hallway and adjust the spots to throw light at specific areas of the display 
  • In a dark closet, track lighting will let you direct light where you need it, like on hanging clothes or shelving. 
  • In a kitchen, track lighting is perfect for accenting objects, cabinetry or unique splash backs or for providing directional task lighting over the island benchtop during meal preparation. 
  • Track lighting is especially handy when a room has existing lighting in the centre but requires additional light directed towards the outer areas to evenly illuminate the space. 
  • The beauty of a track lighting system is its versatility, allowing flexibility in sizing, placement, and fixture styles. As your space evolves and your needs change, reconfigure your track layout, move spots around, mix spot types and change the direction of illumination as often as you like. 

LEDlux Vegas 

Nevada Family 

Jackson Family

Reno Family

Huston Family

Track lighting is extremely flexible; it’s not restricted to new builds and doesn’t require relocation of existing wiring. 
Simply use track joiners to create your own custom layout. 

Centre Feed
Track Joiner 

A track system can pull power at any point along the track with the simple use of a centre feed. 

Track Joiner 

Use straight track joiners to create longer linear tracks. 

Right Angle
Track Joiner 

Use right angle track joiners to go around corners. 

Track Joiner 

Flexible track joiners can be bent to go around curves. 

Adjustable Lighting 

  • Select a track that’s long enough to house the number of spotlights you need to cover the area of interest. 
  • Choose adjustable spotlights that offer 360-degree rotation of their heads and 45-degree pitch adjustment. 


  • Lighting the object and not the wall will make the artwork the focus. 
  • Positioning the light closer to the object will tighten up the beam angle. 
  • Using a fitting with adjustable beam angles allows for more flexible lighting. 

CRI - Colour Rendering Index 

  • CRI is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects authentically and accurately in comparison with a natural light source. Measured on a scale of 0-100, the higher the CRI, the truer to life and richer colours appear. 
  • Pick lighting with high CRI for true reflection of colour and detail in your artwork. 


Position your track at a minimum of 800mm and a maximum of 1.2m from the wall. This allows for the beam of the light to wash the wall with just the right intensity. 

If an artwork has a darker palette or needs more contrast, direct the light from two spotlights at it. 

Huston Track Spot 

Adjust the beam angle to highlight art with either a narrow beam or wide wall wash. 

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