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Crafted to cater to a wide audience, our innovative lamp collection features Australia's largest range of quality, energy-efficient lamps, imbuing your spaces with style and functionality.

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Australia's Largest Range of Lamps

Transform your space instantly and easily with lamps – the most versatile lighting choices and create a bit of visual magic in your home.

When it comes to interior styling, it’s the little details that make all the difference and complete the look. While you may choose to focus on big pendant lights and chandeliers as statement pieces, don’t forget that table lamps and standing lamps bring visual symmetry and style, create moods and add drama or contrast to a space.

Lamps are also super functional. They are perfect for tasks like reading, writing and craftwork. We have a range of lamps that are excellent multi-taskers too. Besides providing brilliant illumination, they have USB charging ports, colour changing functions, wireless charging bases for smart phones and even integrated Bluetooth speakers! Some can be turned on or dimmed with just a touch or wave of your hand.

LED light bulbs are becoming increasingly popular as they are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. They emit a bright, white light that is perfect for task lighting and can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors.

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A lamp can feel at home anywhere – on an entryway console table, next to the couch in the lounge room, on a bedside table, in the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. When decorating, pay attention to the material and colour of your lamp stands and shades – chrome, brass, wood, fabric, glass, rattan, concrete – to ensure it complements the rest of your décor.

The right lamp can work wonders for your interiors. Tall floor lamps emphasise the true height of a space if other furnishings are low to the ground. Lamps with black shades or stands are trendy and are good choices for a bold, contrasting look. Fun, decorative lamps are great for kids or they can be used to create accent lighting.

If you’re looking for ultimate lighting control, consider fitting your lamps with smart globes. You can schedule your lamps to turn on/off and change the colour and temperature of the light to create a specific mood, all via your smartphone app or voice commands. Don’t want to use smart globes but still want control? You can connect any standard lamp to a smart plug and convert it into a smart lamp which can be controlled through your phone.

Lamps are a simple DIY way of adding additional light and creating a relaxed environment in every room. Come visit any of our stores or browse our extensive range of lamps online and find the perfect one for your home and budget.