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LED Pendant Lights

Elevate your home's aesthetic with LED pendant lights. Our collection showcases quality and energy-efficient LED pendants that radiate stylish brilliance in every space.

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Make an LED Pendant Light Your Next Choice

LED pendant lights are a stylish and stunning choice, perfect for ambient or task lighting. They can work in your home as decorative pieces but they are also functional lights that will keep any space well-lit.

Pendant lights are incredibly versatile and are available in a range of colours, sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. LED pendant lighting is perfect for your living space, in the kitchen, and even in the bedroom.

How do I choose an LED pendant light?

With so many LED pendant lights to choose from it’s important to find lights that work for your home. If you want a unique look, choose from our mix and match range that allows you to choose your own glass shade, suspension rod, globes, and accessories. For a cleaner look, single pendants are a great option, whereas clustered pendants make for a striking feature.

How long do LED pendant lights last?

LED pendant lights can typically last up to 15,000 hours depending on the globe. LED globes are long lasting and energy efficient and are a great option for pendant lighting. When your globes do run out, you can easily replace them from our extensive range of LED globes online or in-store.

What colour LED light is best for the kitchen?

If you want an LED pendant in your kitchen it’s important to consider what colour temperature you want the light to be. Cool lighting is ideal during the day for task lighting, while warm lighting is better suited in the evening to help your eyes rest before bed.  To easily adjust the temperature of your lights, try using smart lighting or choose lights that can be dimmed with a wall switch.

Designer LED Pendants in a range of styles

With so many options it’s easy to find the right LED pendant lighting to complement your home, from traditional, to modern, to industrial, and much more. Our LED pendant lights can be delivered Australia-wide, or you head into your local Beacon Lighting store to start shopping for your dream lighting.