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Outdoor & Garden

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our extensive range of innovative and energy-efficient outdoor lighting, designed to infuse your surroundings with style, quality, and a touch of aesthetic brilliance, perfect for enhancing your home.

Outdoor & Garden

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Transform the exterior spaces of your home with outdoor lighting that creates a welcoming ambience as well as adds a sense of security to your home.

When planning your outdoor lighting, think about how you want to use your outdoor space and identify all the areas you’d like to illuminate. Do you entertain a lot and need to light up your pool, BBQ and alfresco dining area? Or perhaps, you’d like to showcase your landscape design and highlight sculptures, trees, fountains, or an architectural feature in your garden. Or are you just after essentials for security lighting?

Whatever you decide, you have plenty of outdoor light fittings to choose from – deck lights, outdoor wall sconces, hanging lights, strip lighting, downlights, spike spots, bollards, step lights and much more. Just make sure that they’re rated for weather exposure and if you live in a particularly wet environment like the coast, consider marine-grade stainless steel finishes that can tolerate heavy moisture and salt sprays.

Just like indoors, the secret to perfect outdoor lighting is layering which comprises a mix of ambient, task and accent lighting so that you can control the mood and atmosphere at any time.

Exterior ambient lights include outdoor lighting pendants that hang from the ceiling on a verandah or porch, downlights, wall lights or the in-built light of a ceiling fan that provide the primary illumination.

For task lighting, you can choose path lights or step lights that help to find your way at night. Accent lights are great to provide a bit of drama or to enhance aesthetics. Think spike spots that highlight the foliage of an exotic tree, or string lights that add a festive feel.

Save energy and money by choosing LED outdoor lighting. LED lights not only use about one-third of the energy, they also last longer than other lighting options so you don’t have to replace them for years.

Solar-powered outdoor lights are another great way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment. They’re equipped with rechargeable batteries that store solar energy during day and utilise it to power the lights at night. You can also consider installing lights with motion sensors or timers that turn on only when needed, saving precious energy.

For more inspiration and ideas, explore our website, talk to our in-store lighting consultants or book an appointment with our lighting designers at Beacon Design Studio.