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Transform your lighting fixtures with the perfect light globes. Choose from a range of cool to warm colour temperatures to create the right ambience to suit your space and the time of day.

Control your lighting whether you’re home or away with the technology of smart light bulbs. A smart light bulb gives you the ability to adjust the colour temperature, brightness level and hue with just the app on your phone or voice commands. Make life easier by creating the perfect lighting routine and atmosphere for your rooms with a smart light bulb such as the GE Imagine BC Globe which connects to the Google Nest Mini so that you can controlyour lighting however you desire. Both, the BC globe and the Google Nest Mini come in a convenient GE Imagine Starter Kit. Use the hands-free control to switch the colour temperature, brightness, and mood with a spectrum of colours.

Brighten the dimmest of spaces with LED light bulbs and 12v LED globes designed for a versatile range of fittings, spaces and styles. When choosing light bulbs consider LED light globes as an energy-saving light bulb option as they consume up to 5 times less energy than traditional light globes and last up to 7 times longer.

Explore a range of globes from e27 globes and e14 bulbs to gu 10 globes and more.

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