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LED Lights

Illuminate your space with our wide range of LED lights, designed for style, energy efficiency, and quality, providing innovative lighting solutions to elevate your home and meet the needs of tradies and homeowners alike.

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LED Lights

Using LED lights is the most energy-efficient way to light up your home and will reduce your carbon footprint. LED light globes consume up to 5 times less energy than halogen globes and last up to 7 times longer. This helps reduce your power bills and the number of globes ending up in landfill. Many fittings come with energy-saving integrated LED lights while others allow you to choose your own replaceable LED light globe.

Add a sense of warmth and sophistication to your home with LED strip lights. Slim, flexible and customisable, they can fit almost anywhere: niches, under kitchen cabinets, inside your wardrobes, around your bathtub or under your stairs.

Whether you’re renovating your entire home or just updating your lighting, make sure you pay special attention to LED downlights. They are your primary sources of illumination and perfect for creating a sophisticated architectural look. With LED downlights, you can produce interesting effects like wall washing, wall grazing and light scalloping. Use their colour temperature-changing and dimming functionalities to customise your ambience and support your sleep/wake cycle. 

For a more decorative approach to LED lights, explore our range of LED ceiling lights which create a focal point with their eye-catching designs. Elevate any space easily with LED lamps with styles suited for the table and floor. Brighten a home office desk, side table or room corner with a sleek and stylish lamp from our variety of designs.

Shop the largest LED lighting range in Australia

Shop lighting by room to easily find a light which can transform your home interiors. Explore all LED light globes and find one that’s perfect for your fitting. Discover our range of warm white LED lights to fulfil your relaxation needs. Visit one of our physical locations in Australia, or shop online to see our full selection of LED lighting products. Beacon Lighting offers great service and our profile range offers the newest products for lighting solutions within the lighting industry.